“…with room”

Sometimes at Starbucks I hear people order their drink “with room”, meaning leave enough room for me  to put milk in.

With room is a good idea for lots of things.  If you have a strong opinion about something, a belief you have held for years, start to “leave room” for doubt or reconsideration.  If you are experiencing a difficult life phase or specific crisis, “leave room” for others to help and “leave room” for yourself to feel compassion for yourself.

I once knew a very kind and wise yogi.  When he ate, on his plate was one third vegetables, one third protein and one third space.  He always left room on his plate.

I once new a very kind and wise mother in law.  She always left room in her heart and home for her grown children to come back if needed.

I once new a very kind and wise teacher who always left room for an awkward and shy little schoolgirl to come to her after class with questions.

So, leave yourself some room.  In your mind, in your heart, in your home and allow only good and positive things in there.


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