On Being a Knitter

I knit.  I knit lace. I knit holes and space.  Lace is all about what’s not there and using that negative space to highlight what is there.  I follow the pattern I am working on and I end up with something cool.  I am almost done with a very complex and beautiful tablecloth that will look like this when it’s done:

Lyra It will be very impressive when it’s done, most certainly.  But…..


It is not my own pattern.  I just followed someone else’s pattern.

Is our life that way?  Do we just follow someone else’s pattern?  Even if they are awesome, is that the right thing to do?  Maybe for a while.  Maybe to learn and experience.  Maybe to figure out what we like and don’t like… what works and what doesn’t work.  But doesn’t there come a time when the pattern must be our own, even if it is sloppy and unfortunate?

I will celebrate the completion of this giant project with a few small items for my loved ones.  But then it may be time for me to design my own patterns.  There are modern designers with beautiful work so I know it is possible.  And it may even be possible for me.

Jesus is understood to have been a carpenter.  But what did he build exactly?  He was a builder of worlds, he was.  If I am a knitter, what do I knit?  I knit space and beauty.  Now, how do I find a way to create my own interpretation of that?  How does the science of knitting turn into the art of space and beauty?

Time to design my own pattern.  How about you?


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