Monthly Archives: December 2012

Singular Action



Just for today, try doing one thing at a time.  When you are driving, just drive.  No phone.  No radio.  Just two hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and drive.   Lately, I have been cracking the windows open a bit just to hear the sounds of the traffic around me.  It helps me feel very in the moment and also helps maintain the singular purpose of just driving.


There Is No Nobility in Self-Hate

So often I hear people say bad things about themselves… and it’s usually about their bodies.  They say they are too fat, or their hair is too thin.  They wish they had someone else’s eyes or skin tone.

There is more nobility in gently loving yourself, as you are, than demeaning yourself in order to have others complement you.

You are fine.  You are a miraculous emerging of cosmic energy into our earth playground so play and be happy.  That doesn’t mean you ignore the negative around you it means you fight it with love and a playful, forgiving spirit.


You are welcome here.

Your life is just as you make it so make it as you like it.

You loved creating so much that you decided to come to earth and create as much as you could.

Are you?